Buffaloe Lanes Youth Bowlers Ready for National Tournament

Time to hit the road for 44 youth bowlers from Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers in North Carolina.  This group of kids ranging in age from 11 to 20 years old will make the 600 plus mile trip north to Buffalo, New York, where they will compete in the 2014 Junior Gold Championships.

A record field of 2,770 youth bowlers are registered to compete in this national tournament with the hopes of making Junior Team USA and also walking away with a piece of the more than $200,000 scholarship prize fund.

Registration and practice sessions begin on Saturday and the qualifying rounds begin Monday.  The Buffaloe Lanes Jr. Gold Team qualifiers had some last minute practice and coaching this past Saturday.

Safe travels and good luck to all of these boys and girls at the 2014 Junior Gold Championships.  Look for updates during the tournament on the Buffaloe Lanes website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and right here on our blog.

A Great Event & Benefit of Bowling at Buffaloe Lanes

Late Saturday evening the 12th Annual Buffaloe Lanes Team Championship Tournament wrapped up with “Typical Sam” from Buffaloe Lanes Cary taking home the trophy and a check for $5,000.Champions_poster

But this tournament is about so much more than just the $20,000 prize fund.  The annual tournament sponsored by the owners of Buffaloe Lanes is a league bowler benefit for bowling at one of the Buffaloe Lanes Centers.  Every league bowler has an opportunity to win a free entry into the tournament or they can purchase an at-large entry.

This season’s tournament was the first for members from the newest Buffaloe Lanes location in Mebane, NC.  Buffaloe Lanes Mebane had a good showing with 8 teams participating in the tournament and they look forward to many more teams joining in the fun next year.

More than 100 teams (5-person) bowled over the two-day tournament with hopes of taking home a portion of the prize fund.  But outside of the tournament prize fund there were lots of other opportunities to win cash & prizes.

Excitement is an understatement….

Terry Lewis rolled a single strike worth $600 in the Skins Game, which is played after the last squad bowls and while the final results are being calculated.  10 bowlers are selected and each at least has a chance at $100!

While the competition is intense…

the spirit of the tournament is FUN and EXCITING!

The staff works hard putting this tournament together each year and in the end it is all worth it.  Not only do the bowlers have a weekend of food, fun and friendly competition but, the Buffaloe Lanes family and staff takes this opportunity to show their appreciation to the league bowlers for choosing Buffaloe Lanes as their home for bowling!

Everyone is already looking forward to the 2014-2015 Buffaloe Lanes league bowling season and the 13th Annual Buffaloe Lanes Team Championship Tournament next year at Buffaloe Lanes North.


Father’s Day Fun at Buffaloe Lanes Bowling Centers

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so make plans now with Dad to spend some quality time together. At Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers we have an opportunity and an affordable way for you to take dad bowling.

Dad Bowls FREE on Father’s Day!

Bring Dad in on Father’s Day (June 15th) and He bowls FREE (Shoe Rental Included).  In honor of Father’s Day, All Buffaloe Lanes Centers are inviting Dad to Bowl for FREE!

Bowling is a great way for the entire family to have some FUN with Dad this Father’s Day.

Visit BuffaloeLanes.com for complete details.


Youth Bowling at Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers

After two days of competition at two different Buffaloe Lanes Bowling Centers, one boy and one girl each won a $250 scholarship!  Also a single day tournament for youth bowlers in the U12 division (under 12 years of age) produced another $250 scholarship winner!

How about that kind of a return on a tournament entry fee?  But wait there is more… In both the boys and girls tournaments, Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers qualified two bowlers each and will pay their entry fee to the National Junior Gold Tournament!

Yes, this might sound like an infomercial for the Buffaloe Lanes Youth Bowling Programs, but it is nothing more than the facts.  There are not many, if any, other youth sports that can give kids this kind of an opportunity to learn, compete and have fun all year long.  This weekend’s tournament was actually part of the Buffaloe Lanes Jr. Gold Program which opens the door for youth bowlers to improve their game with the help from top level coaches, plus compete for scholarships and spots to the National Junior Gold Tournament every year.  BUT…

For those that are just getting started and having fun on Saturday mornings with their friends in the youth league, there is also scholarship money up for grabs.

Buffaloe Lanes North has one of the largest youth bowling programs in the country and Saturday morning was the last day of the season.  Time for some fun, food, trophies and scholarships to be awarded in the tune of around $6,500!  These scholarships ranged in amounts from $25 – $350 depending on age and awards won during the season ending scholarship tournament (FREE – bowled during the last week of league competition).

With so many opportunities for kids in the sport of bowling, why aren’t more kids bowling?  Is bowling just not cool enough? … Maybe it’s because the other major sports are out in front of everyone all the time and since they make the biggest noise and draw the most attention, parents guide their kids to the recreational soccer, football, basketball and baseball leagues instead of letting kids try their skills at bowling.  Only as parents find out more about the scholarship opportunities the sport of bowling offers, will more kids get involved in what is a life-long sport.


Is the “House Shot” Too Easy for YOU?

Walk into just about any bowling center and you will overhear at least a few league bowlers or competitive bowlers talk about the “house shot”.

“It’s too easy…”

“Anyone can shoot 300…”

“Close your eyes and throw it right…”

In this day and age of technology having an impact on every aspect of our life, the same holds true for bowling.  Since the dawn of reactive-resin bowling equipment, the level of skill it takes to roll a perfect game might have decreased, but bowling centers are left with the question of how to combat the new technology, while at the same time offering the average bowler an enjoyable experience which indirectly means rolling more strikes and scoring higher.

Year after year this double-edged sword is what centers have to deal with in balancing between competition and enjoyment.  When we look at bowling as a whole, whether it is in your center, your city, your state and/or the country; the number of true scratch bowlers is low in comparison to the total number of bowlers.  BUT these scratch bowlers or higher average bowlers tend to be the so-called “squeaky wheel”.

So in order to give the scratch bowlers and/or high average bowlers some kind of a challenge, several centers like Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers offer “Sport or Modified” leagues.  These leagues offer bowlers a chance to test their skills by bowling on tougher oil patterns like those on the PBA Tour, World Ten Pin Bowling Association and other challenging tournament oil patterns.  So many of these leagues have little interest and are usually very small, since some of these higher average bowlers tend to find an excuse not to bowl.  Is it ego?  Are these bowlers afraid to see their average drop below 200?  Why are these leagues not bigger and more successful?  If they were, would the bowlers be sending the bowling industry a message?  Would we see the competitive side of bowling grow and blossom like the “good-ole days”?

Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers has even started offering specific days and times when these tough shot conditions will be available for practice.  Bowlers continue to want an opportunity to practice and fine tune their skills but how many of you are showing up to test your skills on a tougher lane condition?  Instead most of these “squeaky wheels” will continue to “squeak” on league nights about how the “house shot” is too easy.

If the typical “house shot” is too easy, how come we haven’t seen more 900 series?  Have you seen a 900 series in your center?  In your city?  In your state?

Buffaloe Lanes Summer League Schedules (Click Below for Details):
Garner – Raleigh – Cary – Erwin – Mebane
(Modified/Sport shot leagues available in Garner, Raleigh & Cary for the Summer Season)

Tough Shot Practice Schedules (Click Below for Details):


Kids Bowling… The Future is NOW!

As I sit at Buffaloe Lanes North on a Saturday morning and watch the 120 plus kids come in with their bowling balls, bags and shoes, I see the future of this great sport right before my eyes.

So many centers across the country are focused on open play, cosmic bowling and even adult leagues BUT, they forget to look towards tomorrow.  Yes, there are fewer and fewer traditional bowling centers left but each of these centers must work that much harder to make bowling for kids more attractive.

Bowling may not be as glamorous as some other major sports like baseball, football, basketball, soccer…etc and that might be why kids are drawn to these other sports.  Or is it?

While bowling is more visible in today’s pop culture with stars and athletes sharing Tweets, Facebook posts and posting pictures all over the internet, it still is not as mainstream as the big sports.  Just the other day, there was a McDonald’s commercial on and right before the end of the commercial was a short video clip of some people bowling and having a great time.

Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers know the future of bowling is NOW
and continues working on building their youth pr2013_Jr_Gold_Team_Posterograms year after year by making it “cool” to be a good youth bowler.  About 5 years ago, Buffaloe Lanes started their own Junior Gold program based off of the USBC national program.  These bowlers are rewarded for their hard work and excelling at the sport. Bowlers receive extra practice with top-level coaches on tough oil patterns, exclusive tournaments to qualify them for the national tournament and the Cody_McDanielrecognition of their achievement with a shirt and their picture on a 2 foot by 3 foot poster hanging in each of the centers.  They also have a chance to purchase individual pictures for family and friends. Their family and friends all over the world can also watch them compete in tournaments at the Buffaloe Lanes Centers “Live” via YouTube.

These young bowlers have opportunities to win scholarship money through their Buffaloe Lanes youth leagues as well as other local, state and national tournaments.  So many of the younger bowlers now have a goal and dream to shoot for as they practice their skills so they can wear the shirt and have their picture and name on the wall at the center.  The Buffaloe Lanes Junior Gold Program continues to make bowling “COOL” for the kids and provides the recognition that both kids and parents love.  Today these young kids are the filling the lanes of the Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers and with the coaching, recognition and support from the staff, parents and friends, these kids will be the “Future” of bowling.


Buffaloe Lanes says, “Thank You Teachers!”

Teachers have one of the toughest jobs and are under appreciated by a vast majority of society.  BUT Buffaloe Lanes is showing their “Teacher Appreciation” by offering a “Teacher Discount Card“, so teachers can enjoy some bowling at a discounted price between April 1, 2014 and November 1, 2014.

According to the Buffaloe Lanes website, here is how things will work…

“Complete your registration below and bring in the confirmation email, plus your valid school employee ID and receive your Buffaloe Lanes Teacher Discount Card.”

Teachers may also register for their discount card in person at any of the Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers locations in Garner, Raleigh, Cary, Erwin and Mebane.  You must present your valid school employee ID, complete the registration form and turn it in at the front desk to receive the Buffaloe Lanes Teacher Appreciation Discount Card.

This is a great opportunity and a way for Buffaloe Lanes to say, “…that teachers are very important to our future and (they) would like to say, Thank You for your dedication to educating our youth”.

So if you know a teacher or educator, please take a moment to say “Thank You” and share with them this opportunity for them to have some fun bowling at Buffaloe Lanes.