Is There a Future for Bowling?

Definitely a question that bowling centers across the country are thinking about as they start to prepare for the summer league season.  The national trend is a continued decrease in league bowlers but some centers are looking fight the trend and keep league bowling alive and well in their center(s).

The Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers in North Carolina are a group of centers continuing to keep their roots firmly planted in league bowling.  For more than 35 years, they have embraced their league bowlers and created a family type relationship with several generations of their bowlers.  Even during the decade of “Rock & Bowl” and the open bowling trend of the industry, Buffaloe Lanes Centers didn’t kick their league bowlers to the curb with hopes of taking advantage of a “fade” in the bowling industry.  This loving embrace of leagues and holding true to their foundation on which their business was built has kept them in the game even when times were tough in the economy.

The foundation of the Buffaloe Lanes Centers is truly bowling…Bowling as a sport, bowling as a form of entertainment, bowling as an affordable fellowship time with family and friends!  Why are they so focused on bowling?  Buffaloe Lanes Centers have always been family friendly facilities without alcohol!  It might take some people a few moments to wrap their heads around this concept because they can’t have a beer while bowling but in the end this has set Buffaloe Lanes apart.

The future of bowling is and will always be with introducing new people to the sport whether young or old, but in order to really build a future, it is imperative to fill the lanes with kids and keep them involved as they progress from open bowlers; to frequent bowlers; to casual frequent bowlers and then on to league bowlers.

Thanks to the BPAA (Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America), USBC (United States Bowling Congress) and Strike Ten Entertainment, who have been working together to help centers attract and develop new bowlers with programs like the 8 for 8, 10 for 10, 12 for 12 and Bowling 2.0.  These programs are able to be rolled out in just about any center with limited resources and by following the program guidelines.

So bowling does have a future but only for those that want to be apart of it and develop the future of bowling as a sport, even though bowling is one of the highest participatory sports in the world, most bowling centers can not maintain the level of expectations with only the once or twice a year bowlers.  Bowling’s roots are deep in competition, whether serious or friendly and organized competition in the form of league bowling will be the backbone of the bowling industry for years to come.


Bowling … Sport or Entertainment?

Bowling has been around for a long time!  Some say that bowling became competitive back in the 1870s and not long after that (about 25 years later) the American Bowling Congress was formed and went on to hold the first national tournament in 1901.Since then bowling continues to see trends and fades which sway it one direction or another in terms of a “SPORT” or “ENTERTAINMENT”.

Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers have continued to embrace bowling as a sport with an entertainment value to it in the Raleigh and surrounding areas.  With league bowling continuing to grow in the Buffaloe Lanes Centers, some might argue that we see it more as a sport than entertainment, but we feel it can be BOTH!

Those bowlers that love the thrill of “SERIOUS” competition will always seek out competitive leagues and tournaments.

BUT, there are large number of people looking at bowling as a form of entertainment with some “FRIENDLY” competition between parents, kids, co-workers or just friends.

Buffaloe Lanes Bowling Centers are able to offer the best of both worlds with all types of options.  So if you are the hardcore sports fanatic that likes to compete, there are options for you to get those competitive juices flowing and continue to fine tune your strike shot.  And for those that want to kick back and spend some good quality time with friends or family, we are right up your “alley” as well.

So what do you think… is bowling a “SPORT” or is bowling just “Entertainment”?  Where do you fit in when it comes to bowling… “Competitive”, “FUN” or BOTH?

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Is 300 Really a “Perfect Game”?

Rolling a 300 game is something a bowler might chase his or her entire life and can be extremely rewarding personally when one finally drops all 10 pins on the 12th shot as evident by this celebration posted on Facebook by Coram Country Lanes.

No matter how they go down, it still goes down in the history of bowling as a 300 game.Just last night at Buffaloe Lanes North in Raleigh, NC, there were 4 to 5 people during league that were running down the 300 game and most not for the first time.  John Kingsepp’s celebration is priceless to see as at the age of 55, he finally captured the illusive 300 game, but in contrast the video below is Brandon Curtis rolling his 6th 300 game, according to  By the way, congratulations to Brandon on his 300 game!

But is it really the “perfect game”? Has technology and the quest for higher scores ruined the sport aspect of bowling?

Those of us that bowl in a league and were not bowling in the days of short oil and before reactive resin bowling balls constantly hear the experienced bowlers talk about how it took “skill” to bowl back in the day when bowling was big across the country.

So bowling a 300 game might not be as “perfect” to some because of bowling ball technology and lane conditions, but to others it is still a mark of talent in the sport of bowling.

While the numbers of 300 games bowled seems to be high, is the 800 series the new mark of perfection?