Is the “House Shot” Too Easy for YOU?

Walk into just about any bowling center and you will overhear at least a few league bowlers or competitive bowlers talk about the “house shot”.

“It’s too easy…”

“Anyone can shoot 300…”

“Close your eyes and throw it right…”

In this day and age of technology having an impact on every aspect of our life, the same holds true for bowling.  Since the dawn of reactive-resin bowling equipment, the level of skill it takes to roll a perfect game might have decreased, but bowling centers are left with the question of how to combat the new technology, while at the same time offering the average bowler an enjoyable experience which indirectly means rolling more strikes and scoring higher.

Year after year this double-edged sword is what centers have to deal with in balancing between competition and enjoyment.  When we look at bowling as a whole, whether it is in your center, your city, your state and/or the country; the number of true scratch bowlers is low in comparison to the total number of bowlers.  BUT these scratch bowlers or higher average bowlers tend to be the so-called “squeaky wheel”.

So in order to give the scratch bowlers and/or high average bowlers some kind of a challenge, several centers like Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers offer “Sport or Modified” leagues.  These leagues offer bowlers a chance to test their skills by bowling on tougher oil patterns like those on the PBA Tour, World Ten Pin Bowling Association and other challenging tournament oil patterns.  So many of these leagues have little interest and are usually very small, since some of these higher average bowlers tend to find an excuse not to bowl.  Is it ego?  Are these bowlers afraid to see their average drop below 200?  Why are these leagues not bigger and more successful?  If they were, would the bowlers be sending the bowling industry a message?  Would we see the competitive side of bowling grow and blossom like the “good-ole days”?

Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers has even started offering specific days and times when these tough shot conditions will be available for practice.  Bowlers continue to want an opportunity to practice and fine tune their skills but how many of you are showing up to test your skills on a tougher lane condition?  Instead most of these “squeaky wheels” will continue to “squeak” on league nights about how the “house shot” is too easy.

If the typical “house shot” is too easy, how come we haven’t seen more 900 series?  Have you seen a 900 series in your center?  In your city?  In your state?

Buffaloe Lanes Summer League Schedules (Click Below for Details):
Garner – Raleigh – Cary – Erwin – Mebane
(Modified/Sport shot leagues available in Garner, Raleigh & Cary for the Summer Season)

Tough Shot Practice Schedules (Click Below for Details):


One thought on “Is the “House Shot” Too Easy for YOU?

  1. To add to this the same bowlers “squeak” about bowling handicap tournaments. I have had people threatening to leave tournaments because they used my yearbook average when I entered a tournament. It gets frustrating to say the least. At some point in their lives scratch bowlers have been in the same boat that newer bowlers are in where their game is improving but there handicap doesn’t reflect their current skills.

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