Time to hit the lanes again…

While the temperatures are still summer-like, it is hard to believe that the summer is almost over.  So what does that mean for most of us?

Fall bowling leagues are cranking up Back_2_bowling_graphicand while it might feel like last season just wrapped up a few weeks ago, the fact is that if you didn’t bowl a summer league then you might need to roll a few games to get back in the swing of things before the first night of league.  You might also need some time to recover after that practice session (at least for those of us that continue to get older) since you will use muscles you haven’t used in a little while.

Some of you may have heard that the local certification fee has increased since last season…  This increase comes with a promise from the CAUSBC that the extra $3 will only be used towards local awards for the CAUSBC bowlers.

Of course this increase has some bowlers a bit upset and asking a lot of questions about certification and what are the benefits and the all important question, “what do I get or what awards am I going to get”?

Let’s first look at the different bowling industry associations:

Each of these associations receives a piece of the total certification fee most bowlers pay every year to participate in a certified league.  The 2015-2016 certification fee will be a total of $20 (National: $10, State: $1, Local: $9).   *This is for the standard adult league bowler and does NOT include the seniors and/or youth certification.

So as a bowler what would you like to see from your local, state and national USBC?  Do you understand USBC certification and the importance?



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