Don’t Call It a Come Back…

During the Christmas and holiday season, many of us will load our family and friends to head down to the local bowling alley.  While some might argue that bowling is being replaced by video games and other forms of entertainment, those in the bowling industry have another opinion, as a bowling facility is recognized as one of “The 50 Coolest New Businesses in America (in) 2015” according to Business Insider.

Wishing you & yours lots of strikes and a Merry Christmas!




Youth Bowling = College Scholarships

Parents here is a question for you…

What recreational sport can your child participate in and have an opportunity to accumulate scholarships for college?

Blake Buffaloe - $420 Scholarship Winner

Blake Buffaloe – $420 Scholarship Winner

While some of parents drive their kids towards the big sports (football, basketball, baseball or golf) with the hopes that they will excel and help with the cost of college through a sports scholarship, the fact is that only about 7% of high school athletes actually move on to play a varsity sport in college.  Even a smaller percentage earn any scholarships for the sport they play and only 2% of high school athletes participate at the NCAA Division 1 Level!

Discouraging? – YES!  BUT, what if your kid(s) could begin earning scholarships as soon as they begin to bowl.  We are talking about kids as young as 3 and 4 years old earning a few bucks to help with the cost of college.

At Buffaloe Lanes Bowling Centers and in bowling centers across the country this is possible!  For the 10th consecutive year, Buffaloe Lanes held its Youth Bowling Championship with $4,000 of scholarships up for grabs.  In just 10 years, the Buffaloe Lanes Centers have funded $40,000 in scholarships to kids of all ages. (2015 Youth Championship Results)

Bowling is a sport that kids can participate in and enjoy for a lifetime!

So instead of trying to train your 5 year old to be the next Tiger Woods, LeBron James or Tom Brady, why not get them on the lanes and start banking some scholarships for college.  Who knows…your child might be the next Sean Rash, Norm Duke or Tommy Jones!

Click here for more information about youth bowling at Buffaloe Lanes.

Youth Bowling is Alive & Well at Buffaloe Lanes

Those uttering the words, “bowling is a dying sport” haven’t seen the growing trend of youth bowling especially at the Buffaloe Lanes Bowling Centers.

The first tournaments of the season for the Buffaloe Lanes Junior Gold Program saw a total of 65 youth bowlers competing for spots to go to the Junior Gold Championships in Indianapolis this July.  

Kids as young as 8 year old, Kaitlyn Stull were competing in the U12 division which was eventually won by Kory Currin.  While the U15 & U20 boys and girls floored at total of 37 and 21 bowlers respectively.


Congratulations on winning a spot to the Junior Gold Championships!

After 5 games of qualifying and 3 more games after the cut, Kori Smith (girl) and Nick Cenzoprano (boy) walked away victorious.  Several other bowlers in the boys & girls tournament secured their spots for the Junior Gold Championships and these are:

  • (Girls) – Kendall Bigley, Emma Stull, Isabell Hughes and Kaylee Bass.
  • (Boys) – Blake Buffaloe, Brian Levine and Bryan McLeod.
  • Complete Results

All 65 bowlers in the tournament gave it their best and are looking forward to hitting the lanes for more practice as they prepare for their next tournament which will be in January and will be a 2 day “Premier Event”.

Buffaloe Lanes Bowling Centers are always welcoming new kids to the sport of bowling and have lots of programs to help get them to the next level.  Take the first step in the future of the sport by getting your child involved today and visiting us on the web:

#BuffaloeSelfie – Join Us on Instagram

Let Me Take a Selfie….

Buffaloe Lanes wants to see you doing your thing on the lanes and there is no better way to share your fun with us then to put it on Instagram!

Best part is that if you put a selfie on Instagram from any of the Buffaloe Lanes locations, you could be entered into a contest to win some great prizes.  There are a few things that you have to remember to participate:

  1. Posted between September 14th and October 18th .
  2. Only pictures posted to Instagram will be included in the contest.
  3. Any picture posted must include @buffaloelanes and #buffaloeselfie.
  4. Pictures must be taken inside a Buffaloe Lanes bowling center.
  5. Have fun and try to make the picture interesting.
  6. Photos must be posted as public so they show up on the #buffaloeselfie feed.
  7. Buffaloe Lanes staff are not eligible to win prizes.

So grab your friends, family or a random stranger and take a selfie today!

Click here for complete contest rules & information!

Time to hit the lanes again…

While the temperatures are still summer-like, it is hard to believe that the summer is almost over.  So what does that mean for most of us?

Fall bowling leagues are cranking up Back_2_bowling_graphicand while it might feel like last season just wrapped up a few weeks ago, the fact is that if you didn’t bowl a summer league then you might need to roll a few games to get back in the swing of things before the first night of league.  You might also need some time to recover after that practice session (at least for those of us that continue to get older) since you will use muscles you haven’t used in a little while.

Some of you may have heard that the local certification fee has increased since last season…  This increase comes with a promise from the CAUSBC that the extra $3 will only be used towards local awards for the CAUSBC bowlers.

Of course this increase has some bowlers a bit upset and asking a lot of questions about certification and what are the benefits and the all important question, “what do I get or what awards am I going to get”?

Let’s first look at the different bowling industry associations:

Each of these associations receives a piece of the total certification fee most bowlers pay every year to participate in a certified league.  The 2015-2016 certification fee will be a total of $20 (National: $10, State: $1, Local: $9).   *This is for the standard adult league bowler and does NOT include the seniors and/or youth certification.

So as a bowler what would you like to see from your local, state and national USBC?  Do you understand USBC certification and the importance?


Buffaloe Lanes Youth Awards Store

Winning Isn’t Everything…Getting Cool Stuff Is!

“OMG… USBC isn’t giving kids awards anymore.  How could they do something like that?”, is a phrase most of us in the bowling industry have heard coming into this bowling season.

Bowlers, parents and proprietors continue to belly ache about no more awards for the kids, even though most thought the awards were “cheap” and they took too long to get.  But USBC also dropped the cost per youth bowler back to only $4, which gave local associations and bowling centers the opportunity to continue to charge a “registration fee” to help provide awards to these young bowlers.

The announcement was actually great news because centers could now develop their own awards program and meet the needs of their bowlers, plus these awards could help meet the “instant gratification” that our society has come to expect.

Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers did just that with their new youth awards program.

At Buffaloe Lanes we want every kid to have FUN and bowl well, while at the same time being able to take home some swag for knocking down pins. With that in mind our creative staff has developed an awards program just for our youth league bowlers where kids can earn awards and “Buffaloe Bucks” to purchase their Buffaloe Lanes swag from the new “Buffaloe Lanes Youth Awards Store“.

All_awardsAfter months of work, Buffaloe Lanes officially launched the online portion of their youth awards program complete with an online awards store where the kids can select what Buffaloe Lanes Swag they would like to spend their “Buffaloe Bucks” on at anytime.

Kids will have the opportunity to earn, save and spend their “Buffaloe Bucks” for merchandise they choose from the Buffaloe Lanes Youth Awards Store.  Every kid will earn bucks just for participation and will also earn bucks based on a set of achievements.  These bucks can be saved for things like a bowling ball or can be spent on a pen, pencil, accessory bag…etc.

So why do centers wait on USBC to take care of their bowlers, while at the same time complaining about the limited awards programs they have to offer.  Now bowling centers and local associations have the opportunity to step in and take care of their bowlers the best way they see fit.

With this structure of self-processing for the youth bowlers in place, how long will it be before the adults follow?  Will centers start to develop their own awards programs for the adults?  What are other bowling centers doing to take care of their bowlers?

Summer is over, so now what?

Even though the temperatures are still reaching into the 90s, this time of year means back to fall league bowling for most bowlers.  After the summer tournaments and fun leagues most of us bowlers meet back up with our teams from the previous fall season and head back to the lanes in search of being the league champion this season.

Each season we have to make choices…

Which day of the week should I bowl? … Which league has the best payout? … Which league is more competitive? … Which league is more fun? … Do I stay with my team from last season? … Should I bowl a sport or challenge league? … Which center should I bowl at? … etc.

So many decisions to make but in the end, we come back to bowling as the summer ends.  So why do you bowl a league?  Or maybe why don’t you bowl in a league?

It’s never too late to join a league at Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers!