Youth Bowling is Alive & Well at Buffaloe Lanes

Those uttering the words, “bowling is a dying sport” haven’t seen the growing trend of youth bowling especially at the Buffaloe Lanes Bowling Centers.

The first tournaments of the season for the Buffaloe Lanes Junior Gold Program saw a total of 65 youth bowlers competing for spots to go to the Junior Gold Championships in Indianapolis this July.  

Kids as young as 8 year old, Kaitlyn Stull were competing in the U12 division which was eventually won by Kory Currin.  While the U15 & U20 boys and girls floored at total of 37 and 21 bowlers respectively.


Congratulations on winning a spot to the Junior Gold Championships!

After 5 games of qualifying and 3 more games after the cut, Kori Smith (girl) and Nick Cenzoprano (boy) walked away victorious.  Several other bowlers in the boys & girls tournament secured their spots for the Junior Gold Championships and these are:

  • (Girls) – Kendall Bigley, Emma Stull, Isabell Hughes and Kaylee Bass.
  • (Boys) – Blake Buffaloe, Brian Levine and Bryan McLeod.
  • Complete Results

All 65 bowlers in the tournament gave it their best and are looking forward to hitting the lanes for more practice as they prepare for their next tournament which will be in January and will be a 2 day “Premier Event”.

Buffaloe Lanes Bowling Centers are always welcoming new kids to the sport of bowling and have lots of programs to help get them to the next level.  Take the first step in the future of the sport by getting your child involved today and visiting us on the web:


Buffaloe Lanes says, “Thank You Teachers!”

Teachers have one of the toughest jobs and are under appreciated by a vast majority of society.  BUT Buffaloe Lanes is showing their “Teacher Appreciation” by offering a “Teacher Discount Card“, so teachers can enjoy some bowling at a discounted price between April 1, 2014 and November 1, 2014.

According to the Buffaloe Lanes website, here is how things will work…

“Complete your registration below and bring in the confirmation email, plus your valid school employee ID and receive your Buffaloe Lanes Teacher Discount Card.”

Teachers may also register for their discount card in person at any of the Buffaloe Lanes Family Bowling Centers locations in Garner, Raleigh, Cary, Erwin and Mebane.  You must present your valid school employee ID, complete the registration form and turn it in at the front desk to receive the Buffaloe Lanes Teacher Appreciation Discount Card.

This is a great opportunity and a way for Buffaloe Lanes to say, “…that teachers are very important to our future and (they) would like to say, Thank You for your dedication to educating our youth”.

So if you know a teacher or educator, please take a moment to say “Thank You” and share with them this opportunity for them to have some fun bowling at Buffaloe Lanes.